SilverStripe Module: Social Meta Tags SilverStripe Module: Social Meta Tags

SilverStripe Module: Social Meta Tags

SilverStripe Module: Social Meta Tags

This is a SilverStripe module that enables developers to conveniently integrate associative meta tags, that are used for preview thumbnails by various popular social networks. The module, once installed, will automatically expose various fields as <meta> tags including the title, description, and impression image (if one is available).

The module is highly configurable, enabling the user or developer to designate which fields should be used for retrieving data when rendering the necessary <meta> tags that are used for social share previews.

This metadata can alternatively be used by search engines when no other recognisable metadata is available.

These are the social platforms that are currently supported.


This module can be easily installed by running the following command.

composer require loveduckie/silverstripe-social-meta-tags


This module should automatically configure and integrate itself as part of your own SilverStripe project. However, you can modify some of the default behaviour by altering one of the available configuration properties. Refer to the YAML configuration snippet below.

Once modifications are made, ensure that navigate to /dev/build?flush=all of your SilverStripe installation.

Debugging Tools

If you are testing your SilverStripe project using Google Chrome, you can use the Social Share Preview to test how your meta tags render.