Blog posts tagged with "php"


Blog posts tagged with "php"
SilverStripe: Generating URL Segments for DataObjects
Posted 20 months ago by LoveDuckie

As documented on the official SilverStripe website, you can render DataObjects as individual pages using controller actions.

SilverStripe: Integrating Memcached Caching with Docker
Posted 22 months ago by LoveDuckie

In this blog post, I am going to demonstrate how you can hook up an existing memcached server instance with SilverStripe.

Tips for Optimizing Page Speeds
Posted 2 years ago by LoveDuckie
An in-depth guide on how to improve the performance of your website in several areas, including Docker, NGINX, and SilverStripe.
Setting Up a Windows PHP Development Environment
Posted 5 years ago by LoveDuckie

Setting up a local development environment for PHP on Windows has proven to be tricky if you're using an existing web-server package such as XAMPP or WAMP.